Fleece Cheetah Turbo

     The Fleece cheetah turbo is a high quality, 100% drop in direct replacement turbo. There are no major modifications that need to be made to your truck when installing your turbo, and your emissions can remain intact. This is still a great choice for you even if your truck is completely stock. 

Factory turbos have a more restrictive exhaust housing, which can cause your actuator to get clogged and fail. Fleece has made their exhaust housing larger to avoid this, and it also causes lower EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures). Fleece has added a larger exhaust turbine as well as a larger compressor wheel, so if your truck is tuned you will notice better performance overall. 

One of the greatest things about the Fleece Cheetah Turbo is that there is no need to calibrate it after putting it into your truck. Fleece sends you the turbo already calibrated. They also include all of the necessary gaskets that you will need for the install. 

Overall the Fleece Cheetah turbo will help increase your truck's horsepower as well as responsiveness.

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