RevMax Billet Valve Body

RevMax Valve bodies are some of the most high quality and reliable performance valve bodies on the market. A performance valve body can increase the power handling ability of the transmission, and create much crisper shifts.



They feature Sonnax Performance and durability upgrades, and go through many different phases of testing before being sold to customers. Each performance valve body also comes with a two year unlimited mileage warranty through RevMax!

One of the main issues that people have with their original stock valve body is the channel plate warping This causes cross contamination of fluids, and is usually accompanied by a P0871 code. RevMax is now using 6061 aluminum and a bonded gasket separator plate to avoid the warpage from happening. 

Another issue that stock valve bodies are known for is the billet accumulator plate blowing off. RevMax now uses a thicker plate, and is also adding a bolt to keep it more secure. 

When replacing your valve body, RevMax’s billet valve body is the way to go!

 Click here to view the 68RFE Billet Valve Body!


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