S&S Diesel Motorsport Gen2.1 "Disaster Prevention Kit"

If you own a 2011 or newer Ford 6.7 Power stroke, you may have heard that the CP4 Injection pump has been very problematic. Without this kit issues have occurred where debris pass though the CP4, to the injectors, to your high side fuel lines which will contaminate everything. When this happens it ends up being a very costly repair if you do not have a warranty. S&S Diesel Motorsports has worked to improve and perfect this bypass kit with this being their third revision, and that is why the newest Gen 2.1 kit is the way to go. 

The disaster preventions kits job is to supply the CP4 case with clean fuel and reroute it back to the tank. The Ford OE Style quick connectors in the kit eliminate threaded joints, the need for a compression fitting, and the need for cutting the factory supply line. Eliminating all of those things helps with getting rid of debris leak points. 

The S&S Gen 2.1 kit has a billet return filter head with a Donaldson spin on fuel filter that will catch debris before they reach the tank. The fuel coming from the tank that is redelivered to the CP4 will now be triple filtered (through the bypass kit return filter to the tank, through the frame filter, through the engine filter and to the CP4.) The Kit also includes a metering valve block that will block off the fuel flow coming from the bottom of the pump, and it will be coming directly from your factory filtration. 

Installing this S&S Cp4.2 Bypass kit is much cheaper, and is the answer to saving your trucks CP4 Injection pump. Get yours today by clicking this link


If you have the older style Bypass kit, you can still upgrade yours by purchasing the Billet Filter head upgrade here


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