Chevy Duramax Stealth truck towing Rev's Cummins Lincoln

Stealth Modules

Rev’s Diesel Performance is a proud distributor of Stealth Performance Products. Stealth is based out of New Hampshire just like us, so we work closely with their team. We can definitely speak to the fact that Stealth is a small family owned and operated business. You may even see Rev’s and Stealth Performance teamed up at some shows like the Ultimate Callout Challenge 2021, 2022, The Atlantic City Truck Meet 2022 or 603 Diesels NH.

A Stealth Module is a safe and easy way to get the ultimate performance from your truck! It is a plug and play computer that plugs in right under the hood. The Module has the internal software to optimize injection pressure to amplify combustion efficiency. It manipulates the engines control system by making adjustments that increase performance. 

When using a Stealth Performance Module there are no harmful side effects, and your stock safety parameters remain in place. No modifications need to be made, you do not need to download anything additional,  and the module does not leave a footprint in the ECM. You will still maintain all of your factory warranties, and you just need to simply remove the module before you bring the truck to be serviced. The Stealth Module will add horsepower and torque without the need to remove the emissions, though it  will work whether truck emissions are intact or not. 

Stealth module

Some of the biggest benefits of the Stealth Module include consistent power across the entire RPM range. The transmission will not be struggling to find power or hold gears when the module is plugged in. The Stealth Module reduces “dead pedal”, you will have better throttle response, and less turbo lag. It will unleash up to 100 hp, and 120 ft-lbs of torque. 

It is safe to tow with your module, and most people also see fuel economy gains from 10-20%! You are also able to transfer the Stealth module to another compatible truck if you want to, because they are not VIN locked. 

Stealth Performance Modules have a low upfront cost, and are a one time investment for a much better performing truck. The majority of the installations only take about 15 minutes!

Stealth module for Cummins

Here is a list of the current Stealth modules:

Make Years Engine Stealth Part
Power Stroke 20-22 6.7 SM1006P
Power Stroke 11-19 6.7 SM1006P
Power Stroke 08-10 6.4 SM1004P
Power Stroke 03-07 6.0 SM1003P
Power Stroke 99-03 7.3 SM1002P
Power Stroke 18-22 3.0 SM1005P
Duramax 11-16 LML 6.6 SM3002P
Duramax 17-18 L5P 6.6 SM3001P
Duramax 19-22 L5P 6.6 SM3007P
Duramax 4.5-07 LLY/LBZ 6.6 SM3004P
Duramax 07-10 LMM 6.6 SM3005P
Duramax 01-04 LB7 6.6 SM3003P
Cummins 13-18 6.7 SM2001P
Cummins 07.5-12 6.7 SM2002P
Cummins 03-07 5.9 SM2003P
Nissan Titan 16-19 5.0 SM4001P
Colorado/Canyon 16-21 LWN 2.8 SM5001P


Please contact us today if you have any further questions about Stealth Performance Modules. 877-473-8337

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