Rev's Diesel Performance strives to bring customers top-quality parts at a fair price as well as top quality work at their repair facility. This is something our fearless leader Adam based this business on when he started this company back in the fall of 2016.


After years of working for local dealers and other diesel shops Adam was fed up with the overcharging, poor service, and lack of communication that these shops had between their customers as well as their employees. Fighting for hours being flat rate was not in his agenda anymore and after a last-ditch effort to switch to an hourly diesel mechanic position, he came upon the greediest shop owner yet and instantly packed up his toolbox and walked out the door. 

“I was fed up with the bulls**t. Diesel's are their own breed. They take special tools and equipment usually costing way more than other mechanics toolboxes for the same crappy pay and even hourly shops may pay you hourly but track your flat rate. And if you're not making them 20% more than they’re paying you, you’ll get fired!, Don't get me going on the 80-120% markup on parts..”

Adam took what he acquired over the years and moved into a one bay converted horse stall a friend of his recently moved out of and he took over to build demolition derby cars. He was very fortunate to grab a client from his previous job that was amazed by his work and it just grew from there. He spent the first year and a half in that horse stall and then expanded into a feed bin next to that bay to give him tool space but it was time to move out of that 240 sq ft space and really get off the ground. 

In January 2018, he moved into their current location at 33 Prospect St in his home town of Swanzey, NH. He acquired a long time friend Chris Sander to come aboard after recently leaving his position as a car salesman and the two of them have been at it since. 

What once started as a 240 sq ft horse stall Adam and Chris now run and manage Rev’s Enterprises LLC, what they call the “Repair Facility'’ in a 4000 sqft building. They offering anything and everything diesel truck related performance and repair, general repair, fleet maintenance, paint and body, commercial sandblasting, and thousands of undercoats a year, mobile and in house.

It doesn't stop there. Along the way, Eric Madrid came by the shop from Stealth Performance Products and after years of putting up with his nonsense, they were able to come together to build what is now Rev’s Diesel Performance.

Anything and everything diesel truck related parts and performance. “We already sell so much of these products through our repair facility, why not give the same great deal to everyone!”

Rev’s Diesel Performance carries thousands of products ready to ship, and they are currently in the process of opening a 2nd repair facility. With a large showroom front, tons of repair space, and great warehouse for inventory, keep an eye out for the big things next to come!